Anti Ransomware Features Now Included in Windows 10

Anti Ransomware Features Now Included in Windows 10

In the last few years, the software has been rare.Various races, especially La Crosse, damaged millions of computers around the world targeting the world.

Of course, you will be familiar with the Renaissance software.These are the types of viruses that encrypt important files in the system and require a special program to fix them that just exists with the hacker.

If you have to pay a hacker to get this program, then your files are fine by going.

Now Microsoft has learned a lot of lessons from its biggest mistake, the feature of Anti-Ransomware, introduced in Windows 10

Just as Microsoft introduced several key features in the past credit updates, just like this "Creator Update" Fall Creators Update has released this feature.

This feature will get in the "Controlled folder exchange" section in the "Virus and Threat Protection" section of Microsoft Windows Defender.From here you can do it online

Anti Ransomware Features Now Included in Windows 10
Remember that Microsoft did not allow Windows Defender to remain a basic antivirus now, but has introduced extremely exquisite expertise features to know their details. Now, this does not require any other antivirus.

If you do not see all of these important features in Windows 10, you certainly have not updated Windows yet. 

Other Security Feature Introduced in Windows 10 Insider program with the release of Windows 10.

Insider Preview Build 16232, Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) for Edge — a new system for running Microsoft Edge in a special virtual machine in order to protect the OS from browser-based flaws — also received improvements in usability.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build also comes with support for Microsoft Edge data persistence when using WDAG.

Another new security feature Exploit Protection has been introduced in Windows 10 16232, which blocks cyber attacks even when security patches are not available for them, which means the feature will be useful particularly in the case of zero-day Vulnerabilities.
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