Are The Files Downloaded From The Torrent Contain Virus???

Q: Are The Files Downloaded From The Torrent Contain Virus??? 

Are The Files Downloaded From The Torrent Contain Virus???

Its short answer is "Yes". Virus Presence is not new or uncomfortable in the downloaded files from the Torrent.File sharing sites were used to download software already downloaded,  now they have replaced tourists websites. After downloading many popular file-sharing websites, there has been a great boost in downloading software, movies, songs and other content from tourists website. Anyone on tourists website can sit in any corner of the world for downloading any file. These websites are not responsible for the files presented nor are they scanned by an anti-virus. Therefore, the file that you downloaded from the Torrent client may contain viruses.

If you are thinking that you only download movies form tourists website and you have no risk of the virus if you are thinking wrong.

All this is that viruses occur in .exe or .msi or any other ajax cabbage file. But can photos and videos or images. However, they work very differently. Photos and videos Since eagle cats are not like .exe files, so if they contain a virus, they can not run directly. Therefore smart-hackers use a different method. This makes the virus part of photo or video in such a way that when this photo or video is opened in a particular player or viewer, it can take advantage of any of the errors inside this player or viewer. You can cope with it.In this way it is difficult to attack, but not impossible.In the past, there are several examples of such attacks.

You can read the comments of this tournament before downloading the same malicious file or even the most reliable website, from the tourists. In addition to downloading the file, before running it, you should scan with any good reputation and anti-virus should always be updated. If you have valuable data stored on your computer, instead of free-available anti-virus you can use precious anti-virus.

Because the first data was diagnosed with virus-infected, anti-virus was cured, but now it is not able to recover modern virus data. Our signal is on the Ransomware software that encrypts the data. Tourists website have doubled this risk. Therefore, work hard by downloading tourists
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