Google Has Just Made BIG Change To Its Search

Google has just made a BIG change to its search

Google has apparently made a slight change in its image search but has made a very far transition, it has removed the "View image" button that appears with each image and the user opened the photo directly.It was a very useful button for all users to search for photos, but now they have to take some extra step to save any photo.

In fact, this change has been made to disturb users. Google is criticized by photographers and publishers for a long time, who believe the "Image Search" allows a user to steal their photos. Now viewing image buttons is now one of the many changes in the same response. The agreement on displaying copyright information and announcement of improvement in cooperation with Getty Images is also related to this regard.
Google as just made a BIG change to its search

It seems like Google wants people to either take a picture from the front or have to go to the website where this image exists, so that website will earn revenue from advertisements or other ways, and if this photo There is no copyright information, so that user will also be reached.

It's a great news for publishers, but annoying for any ordinary user looking for a picture. Now you have to wait for the entire website to load, see the full webpage where the desired image is on. Then some websites stop right clicks, as this computing website, and if so, it will be even more difficult for the user to remove the image.

Well, Google did not just remove "search image" but also "search by image" button.This is not a big change.If you drag the picture and take it to search bar, it will become a work and you will also show relevant images when clicking the result of Google search results. This options mostly used people who needed a watermark version of a photo, and perhaps that's why Google has eliminated this feature.

However, this change is good to protect photographers and bring traffic to their websites.
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