Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Instead Of the new Galaxy S9

Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Instead Of the new Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is now officially in progress and as we had told you this is not much different from previous year's S8.

There is some innovation in the modern phone, such as powerful camera and a faster processor, but it is not a big change compared to the previous year's model. Indeed, the Galaxy S8 is still a perfect phone and if you intend to take a Samsung Galaxy, then our advice is to buy S8 instead of S9 and there are some strong reasons for this consultation, Such as:

Galaxy S9 Is Expensive

As Samsung has cheaper than the initial price of the new Galaxy S9 last year's S8. S9 starts with 720 dollars while S8 was 725 dollars.However, it is not in the S9 Plus, which starts at 840$ in the beginning, while S8 Plus was 825 dollars. You might say that in extra money you will get better cameras, more rays, and some better batteries but this is not a big difference. Despite the price difference, you get the same experience that you want to give up.

 There Is No Difference In The Screen

Yes! The size of the screen has not been increased in S9 in the case of the screen or in the resolution itself. Like the Galaxy S8, S9 also holds a 5.8-inch sampled display and 18:9 aspect reset. The Galaxy S9 Plus has a 6.2-inch amplified screen, exactly like S8 Plus. That means if there is no difference between the two phones on the screen.

Design Equally

There is no special difference in design at the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.On the back, if both phones, reflective glass, aluminum strip on the edges and fingerprint sensor, is a change, but it has been moved down instead of being placed on the side of the camera.Some minor changes are also in weight and weight.The Galaxy S9 is also heavier than the Galaxy S8 and is smaller in length and slightly larger in the width. The rest of the phones look similar to the rest.

Both in wireless and fast charging phones

Both Galaxy S8 and S9 support wireless charging and also make fast charging. The wireless charger does not get the phone with the phone, but Samsung certainly makes wireless charging stalls that work with any phone, not just Samsung.The bus price is a big problem between 40$ to 70$.

Creature Batteries Of Both Phones

In the Galaxy S8 and S9, it is the same powerful battery, which holds 3,000 MAH power, which will have 3,000 MAH in plus models. That is there is no difference between both phones in case of battery life.S8 Base Hour gives a timeline, while Galaxy S9 is being told that it will give a 22-hour talk time. Both video playback and WiFi use will not make any difference in performance.

S8 In More Color

The Galaxy S8 is available in six colors, while only 9 colors are presented in Purple, Black, Blue.

So you can tell which phone you buy?
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