How To Open A Microsoft Word Lock File Without Any Software

How To Open A Microsoft Office Word Lock File Without Any Software

How To Open A Microsoft Word Lock File Without Any Software

Q: I made a file in Microsoft Word.But now whenever I try to open it, I see a message that this file is locked and can not be opened. How can I reopen this file?

When you open Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint for a file editing, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint restricts a special type of this file (locks it in a technical language somewhere) So long as you edit it, another user should not open it by changing it.

Doing this is very important from the security point. If Microsoft Office applications do not do so, YOur file may overwrite another user. When you finish editing with the file, the office application file also removes the ban.But sometimes it does not happen.The file is also closed but the lock does not end.Especially when the office crashes or a laptop/computer suddenly gets off / restored, then it becomes a situation.

Before solving this issue, you have to understand how to lock the Microsoft Office file.

Assume that open a Word Document Cracking Computer.docx.As soon as Microsoft Word opens this file, in the place where this file exists, a new file will become ~ $ crackingcomputer.docx. You note that the name of the file is just like the original file name is just ~ $ marks in the name of the file. This file is hidden, so it is possible that you do not see it. The presence of this file becomes the owner of the cracking computer.docx and no other user edit the file. This file will be available as long you do not close the file. As soon as you close your file, this file will be automatically deleted.

This temporary lock file could not be deleted in your case. Therefore, whenever you open the file, Microsoft Word is considered to be another user instead of understanding the file owner. There may be many solutions. The easiest solution is to see the message in the Read Only button.This file will open in a non-edit state. Save this new file as Save As. This new file is completely converted to open. The second method may be very difficult, to delete or rename the temporary file that has the file lock. as we told earlier that this file is hidden, it will no be visible to you.

You can open the folder options to show it. The way to open folder options is different in different versions of Windows.Open any folder in the Windows Seven, Press the ALT button from the keyboard. The menu will appear in this way. Select Folder Options from the Tools menu. One way is that you enter control.exe folders in the Run box.Open the View tab in the folder options and then click the radio button of Hidden Files, Folders and drives. Press the OK button. Along with this, you will start seeing a temporary lock-in file.Rename this temporary file before renaming it and rename the original file. If the original file is open successfully, then you can delete the temporary file Whose name you have changed.
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