Make Your Android Phone Faster Like IPhone

Make Your Android Phone Faster Like IPhone

Android was a slow-operating system in its early days, even the most powerful phones released every year used to be a simple to work with problems, especially if games like playing games became a problem. But the situation has changed in recent years. Today, the latest Android flagship app is even faster, medium-range phones. The changes made in Android and then the efforts of phone maker show the day, which is getting a smooth and traditional Android experience. But if you want to speed up your Android operating system, it's an easy way.

Remeber that Android operating system is now faster than ever but still could not defeat Apple's iPhone.All speed test appear in the iPhone.Till today, there is just an Android phone that defeated the iPhone in those tests, it's one-time5T!

Q: Why is it so How is the iPhone so Fast?

Ans: The reason for this is that chips set in Android phones cannot defeat Apple's own A-series processors, and the same processor is the biggest cause of the iPhone.

There is also a role of software optimization and also the transition animations.The user has the highest effect on the experience. So if you want to speed up the phone, you want to keep using it, then try the following method:

  • Go to your Android phone settings 
  • If you are using Android 8.0 or higher, go to system (older versions will not need it)
  • Click here about Phone Option.
  • Jump down here and tap 7 times faster at Build Number
Now you get back to your previous to your previous screen, you'll see below the name of a new menu developer options.It will give you access to many hidden things and debugging options. If you are a new user, you will not get rid of other options than our stated options.
However, if you have come into Developer options to speed up your transition animations, here are the three things you need to find below:
  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration Scale
With these in Default, you might be writing "1x".To accelerate Anne missions, You have to tap them and change each item and select 1x space 5x. and then developer options You need to come out.
It is to remember that 5x is tape, not on 5x. It means your pickup 5. Take halftime. 
Just enjoy the high-speed phone. You will be surprised how much difference has come.
Yes! Still, do not get satisfied and buy 5 Plus

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