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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nokia 3310 Version 4G Can Be Launched Soon|| Cracking Computer

Nokia 3310 Version 4G Can Be Launched Soon

It is reported that the features of the Global Nokia 3310 4G support feature launches the phone soon.The source of this news is a Chinese website of hardware certification.Nokia 41010 version 4G has been seen.

According to the information provided on the website mentioned above, this new Nokia phone will support the TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA And Gsm network Also this phone will have Yun OS
an operating system as a converted format of Android

Hmd Global Network launched Nokia 3310 during the Mobile World Congress this February.
This Phone only Worked on 2G Networks at this time.Then its third edition was presented in September

The News that Nokia 3310's Forex version of the Forex Network can be launched during an event on January 12,2018 in China.This event also contains Nokia 6 launches. Although Hmd Global has not yet confirmed this

It can be featured in a special way that the Nokia version of Nokia 3310 will be like a third version.Because it is important to keep the value of this phone at least so its features will be limited.Possibly

it also has a 4-inch QVGA Screen and 3 episode 5 mm headphone jack.While the battery will be 1200mAh.Which will give up to 6 hours of a traffic time

What new features are in the Nokia 3310 4G

The confirmed Nokia 3310 4G is exactly as we expected: it looks the same as the previous model and has the same core specification, but features 4G supports for faster data speeds. This also enables it to act as a wireless hotspot. and it supports high-definition VoLte calling.

The Nokia 3310 announced at MWC 2017 was a 2G phone, which meant it wouldn't in certain territories. It was followed by a 3G version in September that added new color options and more internal storage and swapped out the Series 30 + OS for the new Java- powered Feature Os.

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