Real Threats To Artificial Intelligence

Real Threats To Artificial Intelligence 

Experts related to artificial intelligence and academic world have given a clear message in a 100-page report. Every progress made by good people in this sector will become a weapon for the bad people.
Real Threats To Artificial Intelligence || Cracking Computer

This report, Called "Presentation" of Artifical Intelligence: Presentation, Protection, and Proof, calls it "The use of artificial intelligence" in every second, a technique to make thousands of complex decisions are used to help the people as well as to harm them. It may be, there will be the only difference between the person who designs it.Experts have divided intoxication of artificial intelligence into three parts: digital, material and political.

In the list of these losses, we have selected something

  • Automatically create phishing, or fake emails, to create websites so that information can be accessed.
  • Accelerated hacking, with automatic detection of error in the software
  • Fooling Al systems, how to visualize artificial intelligence, using the benefits of misleading
  • Using Automatic Terrorism, Commercial Drones or Automotive Guards as Weapons
  • Robots of flats to collect multiple automatic robots to achieve the same goal
  • The remote attack, because automatic robots will not have to control at any distance.
  • Propaganda, easy-to-be fake photos, and videos
  • Automatically eliminating the differences, through finding and removing text and images in an automotive manner.
  • Targeting someone's opinion by taking advantage of personal excitement, genera available information.
Computer Says No:
  • Limiting human behavior (e.g. web navigation), hundreds of thousands of boot flood an online service.This type of cyber attacks could be used against companies offering digital services or those in possession of online databases.
The report has pulled a spectacular picture of our potential future, which is more annoying because it is going to be in the next five years of the next five years. But this not the case, scientist are already working on the possible solutions to these issues, although it is a rat's cat game, they also know that.
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