This Is The Right Way Of Smartphone Charging

Do you want to keep your smartphone healthy?

Wanted to be everyone, but how, they know very few people, and that's why most of the people, due to the habits of battery charging, Time causes "Death". As 100% charging, leaving the charge on the night, charging the battery after charging zero, etc.These are all common habits, and each of them reduces your battery life and it does not say, this is called Cadex, test device maker, for smartphones and other batteries.

How to Increase Smartphone Battery Life?
This is a very hot topic anyway today, especially after Apple revealed that batteries slow down the phone so that they do not stop suddenly. Therefore, you must be "up-to-date" and take some guidance regarding charging the battery

Repeatedly, every time
The best way to charging the phone is to plug-in whenever and where you can, it is possible for few minutes.According to CADE's Battery University, there is no harm in small thick charging.

Full Discharge? Dangerous!

This Is The Right Way Of Smartphone Charging
Battery University says that there is no realization of "Deed Discharge", that is almost eliminating and charging the phone battery.The face is to do this harm the phone battery. Users have banned the blog.

65 to 75 percent

According to Battery University, Lithium-ion batteries, which are usually in our mobile, will be long lifted if we keep it maximum from 65% to 75%

If that is not possible?

The second best charge range for smartphone batteries is 45 to 75 percent, we can call more realistic strategies on daily basis. You can fix routine charging your phone at different times to stay at this level.

Full Charge? Never!

Never charge your phone up to 100%, especially when its battery has gone down to 25% it damages both your battery space and its life. According to the Battery University, Lithium-ion batteries do not require "Full charge", nor is it the benefit of doing so, but it is better do not be charged as high voltage puts the battery into pressure and long-term I damn it.

Not All Night

At night, take a smartphone charge and pick up in the morning, this is the most common move and it has been quite discussed. Because 100% charge is the most harmful to the phone's battery life, so do not take this step.
This Is The Right Way Of Smartphone Charging

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