What Is Android Oreo Go Edition

What Is Android Oreo Go Edition

This year Google's officially announced the 'Google Go' after a brief introduction of the world's largest technology institution. This is the new software project that has been developed for developing markets like Pakistan and India.Google has opened the Android Go for Orignal Equipment Manufactures, which is developing for platforms.

Android, which is also being called Android Oreo, What is it? Let's know:
There is a lightweight version of Android, Android, which includes three parts, operating system, Google Play Store and Google Apps.It has been designed in such a way that it can be better on lightweight hardware. The operating system is basically based on Android OAV but it has been designed to make sure that it can be used on smartphones of 1GB or even less. It will use half storage compared to Android So it will be useful for phones with less space.

Additionally, Android devices (Go Edition) are being said about devices that are opening up faster by 15% faster than previous Android software. In addition, Google has also included the "Data Saver" feature that will help consumers use less mobile data. Like operating systems, Google has also developed apps for better use of device memory.

The organization has made its Gsuite apps low-weight and improved performance so that they can be able to lightweight on lightweight hardware. This pre-installed app will cover less than 50% of their common versions and include YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail. Google Maps and Gmail. Google Assistant will run on phones ranging from 1GB or less, which is being named Google Assistant, besides Google has also released a few new apps such as Google Docs and Files. Google is actually a modified Google Lite app versions, which files are a file manager app that will help to clear the storage space.

Under the Google Building for Billions project, other creators will also be able to make special apps for Andriod in the future.

In order to help consumers, there will also be a special play store for Android Go Devices. Android Oreo (Go Edition) will play similar apps as a common playlist, just its first page will contain suitable apps for low-storage devices, where the suggested apps will be displayed on Android Go devices.

Now that matter and emails have reached, it is expected that in the next few months, the initial device market will be coming to Android. Google currently focuses on the developing world, but also in the announcement of Android, it said that more users from the United States are in India. So it seems that Android's first step will be in India.

New operating systems and pre-installed apps package are the best startup for Andriod, but what will happen when people start using these devices in the real World? It will tell you in the coming time.
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