Which Programming Language Should You Learn???

Q: Which Programming language should I learn? I am also studying C Sharp with C / C ++ in college. Are these enough to be a programmer or should I learn any other programming Language?

Which Programming Language Should You Learn???

The main objective of teaching C/ C Plus Plus in Colleges / Universities is to give you the real-life programming. These are several decades old languages, but today they are as much as they were in their early days. Programming Standards introduced in them are still available.

Do you need advanced skills in C / C Plus Plus? Or should you learn C Sharp as a primary programming Language? 

The answers to these questions are based on what you want to do in the future. Do you really like web development? the article you like is more, instead of research in computer science, applications for Windows are interested in making applications, or you like to make applications for smartphones or focus on your interest Linux.

If you are interested in web development, other basic logistics (PHP, Python) are enough to learn basic information about C/ Plus Plus that you've already acquired. That means that you should now focus on modern languages, including courses.

C# and VB.net are most used to create business applications for Windows. The learned knowledge of your C/ C Plus Plus, these two languages, and especially C# will be very helpful in learning. You need to control the system's low-level control, your work as an assembly or C / C Plus Plus Will come. SO fall in the feature, if you want to go to low-level programming in the feature, it's better as you read the C / C Plus Plus.

Computer programming for Linux is also made by C Plus Plus. However, the script for Linux is well written in python. Therefore, if you are interested in Linux, you should learn Python Language as well as C / C Plus Plus.

 Because of today's smartphones, Smartphone Apps Developer's demand for the developer has increased significantly. To programming for iOS or Android, you should focus on Java. While programming C Sharp can also be used for Microsoft Windows Phone platforms.

Real Life Programmer is not considered to be suitable for any single gender. Apart from C/ CPlus Plus, you should definitely master at least one modern language. Also, remember that everything you learn in C / C Plus Plus, learning any modern learning It Helps you (in some cases it does not happen but it's a separate discussion). So if you learn advanced programming in addition to the C/ C Plus Plus Basic, then it will put your capacity up to four programming language.
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