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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Google Made The World's Largest Quantum Computer

Google Made The World's Largest Quantum Computer

Google has made the world's largest quantum computer processor.This processor named Bristlecone has a 72 cubic qubit gate-based superconducting system that has defeated IBM's 50 cubic processors.The world's first useful quantum computer seems to be at its end.

The Google team has developed 72 cubic processors by increasing its old 9 cubic system.Its goal is to provide quantum computers with so much power and stability to make it useful. The institution says that if a quantum processor can be run at very low speed, it can be left behind the old supercomputers on any known computers science issue. Some experts believe that it will be possible on 100 cubits, where the quantum system will be more powerful than all the super-computers on the ground.

Google and IBM are not included only in the quantum race. Microsoft also holds its Quantum Computing Research Division, while Intel has installed quantum computer processors on silicon chips.

Of course, quantum computing is facing many challenges, as far as this laboratory is yet to work because quantum computing has come to the cloud. Still, the crackdown is the biggest problem, but when there is a race of technology, anything can happen.

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