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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Now 30 Percent Of Websites Are On WordPress

Now 30 Percent Of Websites Are On WordPress 

Wordpress is now running 30% of websites. According to the data from the Web Technology Survey W3Techs, WordPress has transmitted 25% of the mail in November 2015- just 5 percent more in just two years.

It is worth mentioning that these data show the whole web, whether a website uses Content Management System (CMS) or not. Wordpress claims 60.2 percent if we see market share, which was 58.7 percent in November 2015. In comparison, rival CMS "Joomla" has reached 3.1 percent from 3.1 percent, while "Duplex" is 2.1 to 2.2 percent.

It is clear that Wordpress here means non hosted open source blogging software and hosted websites on the platform. For this W3T tech scored to 10 million websites in the Altezza rankings and then pulled the average of three months. With this huge research, the company found that almost one-third of the websites are running on Wordpress. 

Usage Change Since
1 February 2018
Change Since
1 February 2018
Word Press 30.0% +0.6 % 60.2% +0.2%
Joomla 3.1% 6.3% -0.1%
Drupal 2.2% 4.4% -0.2%
Magento 1.2 2.4% -0.1%
Shopify 1.0% +0.1% 1.9%

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