Now Easy To Delete Data On Facebook

Now Easy To Delete Data On Facebook

After standing on the Cambridge Analytica issue, Facebook is reminded of everyone that they can see their privacy settings on the social network again. In the recent announcement

The last week has proved that how much work we need to do to implement our polices and to tell people, and to know how Facebook works.It is very difficult to find privacy settings and other important tools, so users have to do much to track. 
Now on the desktop, the privacy shortcut in Facebook will take you to privacy checkup, rather than setting a change, such as general questions and answers. In the Mobile App, you will get instant access to make your account more secure.

The biggest increase in Privacy Center is to make any of your shared or licensing deals and your search history.Facebook has also made the option easier to change your tracking and advertising.

You can also download the duplicate of your Facebook data (photos, contacts, pictures on timeline, etc.). But if you are not ready to trust a paid Facebook and cannot even leave it then there is a browser extension that can be used to you. Facebook said that all functionaries were in place in almost 20 different places, which are now placed in one place,

One thing that is still not easy, is that to delete your account. The only option that is in the General Account Settings is the Deactivation,  which allows our account to be hidden, but it does not matter. If you want to delete, you must follow the instruction and wait for 90 days to complete it.
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