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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Now Save Your Chrome Passwords Easily

Now Save Your Chrome Passwords Easily

Google Chrome users will be able to easily save all of their saved passwords into a text file.Although it is still not an impossible task, there is a lot of complicated work than the solution to the Google project.

This news about Chrome's debut Franco Boofa has been on Google, although he did not give any time to the feature.

This feature is currently being tested by different developers. But if you want to trick it, switch to developer mode, and search "Passwords" in Chrome settings, See three dot-containing menus, named "Saved Password" and click on "export passwords". It will also be saved in the Chrome text (.cvs) file that can be imported into any other password manager.

If you are not in the Developer mode, then wait for this feature may soon come for everyone.

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