Update Your Facebook Status In Your Own Voice

Update Your Facebook Status In Your Own Voice

It's easier than ever to record the audio and video than the text. Facebook hopes that "Voice" will provide users the maximum sharing of social networks. At the international level where users are in any other language, Keyboards are encountered, the voice will allow them to pass by trying the blocking of typing.

At present, the experiences of offering voice apps as a state-of-the-art updating are being done with Indians in India.Facebook says it is given consumers such opportunities to contact their friends and family and express their views that are easy for them.Voice Clips also provide a new source of expressions to people.

Instead of sharing links to common news articles, Facebook has been trying to reinforce its customers sharing their personal content for many years. If links are visible, they can also be found on any other social network as on Twitter. More than that original content is on Instagram but on Facebook, every year real and personal content is being erased. Therefore, it has become a threat that the significance of Facebook life will only be up to present events, as the new job and the content will be of others, as links to websites.

That's why Facebook currently works on increasing the sharing of friends and reducing the effects of the page in the news feed. This step will not only happy for consumers, but it will also be useful for Facebook as a result of which businesses will try to promote their posts and buy advertisements on Facebook.

Now offering voice clips is also a link to the same. People present original content and also save the content of making or editing videos. This would be a good choice for those who do not consider themselves self-sufficient in front of the camera, or they crawl with a camera or do not have such a good camera on their mobile phones. Well, Facebook gives voice clip sharing option on your Messanger app, which is now being transferred to the main app.

As far as consumers have experienced it, the State Update Composer can choose from "Add Voice Clip", from which where there are photos uploads, location check-ins and other options. The long record, as long as the device has storage.Then users can also pre-process but cannot adjust. If they share it on Newsfeed, other friends can hear it.

The special reason for this services to be started in India is perhaps 22 leading languages spoken here.Typically, if you want to use another language, it's difficult to type. If voice clip experience has succeeded and popularity in experimental users, it will be released worldwide.
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