Why Are The Images In My Email Not Showing Up In Gmail

Why Are The Images In My Email Not Showing Up In Gmail


Gmail does not show this image sometimes when an email is open and sometimes there is an image in it.Rather, asks us whether this picture should be displayed or not.Microsoft Outlook and maybe other email clients do the same.But what is the logic behind this?


Gmail, Yahoo! Microsoft's online email services such as Microsoft Live, or Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird Email clients, avoiding all external images. That's why there are many reasons. First of all, realize that photos in an email can be included in three different ways. The first way is to attach the picture to the e-mail.

In this way, the image email message does not appear, but it has to be downloaded as a general attachment. The second way is to include the in-line image in the email message.This way the image appears within the email message. For example, if you copy a photo from Microsoft Paint and paste it into a new Gmail message, this picture is added to an online image. In fact, this photo is an attachment but it is displayed within a message instead of a separate file.

In a third way, the person sent the email to the photo keeps on their website and adds the link to the email message.The HTML <img> tag is used for this purpose. For example:
<img scr = "https://www.crackingcomputer.blogspot.com/picture.jpg">
 Such images are called external images. This method reduces e-mail weight and can send more email messages in less time. Usually, external images are used in the newsletter etc. But this method is dangerous to the security. Since the photo sender is present on the server, you or the email client does not know whether the file is either a photo or a secure one. In the past several sketchy formats(JPG, PNG) etc. have been found due to which invaders use them to control their prey.

Apart from this, one important thing is to protect the email recipient's privacy.The email client must download it to show you when the image is present on a server on the Internet instead of being present with email. The person sending the email to the person who sent the email while downloading the photo is that the email has been downloaded from an IP, which email address has been used, or what time the email has been received.Those who send marketing email messages, including external photos in their email, try to estimate how many people open there and the recipient is present in which country or city currently exists. Information about the marketing agency whose email has opened, no less than a treasury. Such an email address is like the gold zoo for them.

Email clients do not load external photos to save the person's information so that no person can access your email address or sever.However, in all these email clients and online email services, this feature is available that you can white-list the email from a particular email address that exists in the email address from this address.External photos are also loaded.Remember that do not allow external images to be downloaded in any email that comes from the e-mail address that contains external images.Doing this is similar to inviting spam messages.
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