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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Why Is The System Idle Process Always Used 99% CPU???

Why Is The System Idle Process Always Used 99% CPU?

Why Is The System Idle Process Always Used 99% CPU???


My computer is working very slowly. When I see a process in the task manager, there is a 99% CPU process using System Idle Process. Is this a virus that causes my computer to slow down?


Many people are worried because of the System Idle Process. This process usually occurs in the task manager using CPU using up to 80 to 99%. But the fact is quite unlikely. At this time, all operating systems available multi-tasking. If you've ever used a DOS operating system, you'll definitely know that only one thing can be done at a time. But thereafter, multitasking was introduced in the operating systems, which can be followed by several programs simultaneously. One task similar to multitasking is similar to multitasking. This is a process in which different parts of a processor program are working separately but contact between them remains constant at all times. For example, a thread of a multi-threaded program keeps an input from the user, the other thread is processed on this input, while the third shows the output according to the input. Programs are more effective than multi-threading.

The System Idel Process contains Microsoft Windows such as Kernel THreads, which are run when no other process or thread is available to run on CPU. If the System Idle process is showing up 90 percent of the Task Manager, it means that the CPU's 90% power is not being used yet. As soon as you run a program, you will start running your program instead of Colonel Threads, used under the Windows System Idle Process.User-run programs are always prompted on System Idle Process. So your question whether your system is slowing down due to this procession is not the answer.This is a virus or no problem. It may have hundreds of reasons if your computer is running slowly. You should scan your computer with a good anti-virus anti-Rookit. The common reason for such problems is viruses or Rookit. It is easy to find viruses but finding Rookit is very difficult. For this, you should use the leading antivirus to find Rookit.

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