Windows 10 S Mode Will Be Free

Windows 10 S Mode Will Be Free

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 10S to convert it into a Windows 10 special "S Mode" instead of creating a separate operating system. Microsoft in a new blog post has acknowledged that the original versions of Windows 10S Pc restricted to Windows Store apps, something was confusing. This new step has been taken by consumers and their partners take feedback.

Microsoft is now creating an SMS mode for every version of Windows 10.According to the institute, users will be able to purchase new windows 10 home or windows 10 Pro Pcs mode after the upcoming Windows 10 updates.

Although there is not so much clear yet, earlier news has been reported that Microsoft plans to allow 10 home users to disable SMS mode free because they are able to integrate the SMS to the users of Windows 10 Pro users.The full versions of Windows 10 Pro will have to 49$ to access.However, it was proved that this was just rumor.Now Microsoft itself has said that if a user wants to leave the SMS, he can do it without any cost, either and edition

So now the matter has become quite clear.Now it depends on the PC creators whether they invoke the new SMS mode.

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