How to buy a smartphone in 2018?

How to buy a smartphone in 2018 If you want to buy a new smartphone, the most likely is that you will first see your pocket. But there are not only pockets that are considered very important while purchasing the phone. The different aspects of the purchase of a new phone should be considered, one, one by one consider them:

Brand Reputation

The presence of the latest hardware and good features does not mean that the phone is safe to use. If the mobile phone does not belong to a good reputation brand, then be cheap if you are not cheap. Many of China's brands are the inconvenience in security and privacy matters, but brands like ZTE are facing problems in the United States, and the Bravo in some countries. These companies are charged that they get private data from users and share them with anyone.

Display resolution

If most of your time passes through the smartphone screen. Select a large screen phone and keep in mind one of the most important features of the display resolution. If you are buying more than 5-inch large-screen mobile phones, choose more resolution (approximately 2560 times 1440 pixels). If this is not possible in your budget, then 1920x1080 is not less than 1080 pixels The display resolution is important because it will help you to see detailed graphics. Then these displays work well in the sunlight and outside of the house.

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Operating system

The debate between Android and IOS is old. So first, understand what your special needs are.
Because both Android and iOS offer many features, thousands of apps also feature. Various versions of Android and IOS are available which have different features. Every year Google and Apple both release their own new versions of operating systems. In iOS, you get these updates on all the devices available for sale, while not in Android. A large number of users does not know when they get the latest Android version. Even the big companies cannot tell if they have any software upgrades or not. This problem is common in cheap and medium-cost Android phones. However, Android has its own capabilities and the choice of IOS on the basis of which you need.


Ram and processor determine what a phone performance will be. But you must also monitor other factors such as customization made by system software and phone makers also determines the device's performance. If the software is not optimized well then the phone performance will have a bad effect. In the current situation, you should buy at least 2 GB. Most applications, games, and systems are available on software 2 GB if they get good processors too. A large number of Android phones run on the Sniper Dragon Processor made of cyclic and phones with the latest processors are also expensive. Apple phones are made of its own made chips, and in the course, of course, iPhone phones are very live.

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Your phone's screen size, processor generation, WiFi and GPS usage and other factors determine how long the phone battery will go. If you always open WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, you'll need a larger battery. Well, now the processors have been created that do not eat so much battery. So look at the new generation processors.
Other factors
Keep in mind a few more things when you want to buy a smartphone in 2018. Do not buy phones just because everyone is talking about it, but keep their attention on their needs.  Think about what you need to do besides calling and messaging? Is Camera In Your Preference? If not, just look at megapixel, but keep track of upper, lens quality and camera software. If you want a durable phone, it is useless to buy a phone with a glass body. If you want to buy then apply the glass protector. And yes! If you are refurbished, buy a lot of scrutinies.
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