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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Android vs iOS - Difference and Comparison

Apple ios Vs Android These two are names that everyone knows. Approximately 90 percent of people know about Android, but still, 80 percent of people do not know about apple ios and there are many people who do not know what is the difference between Apple ios Vs Android. If we want to buy a smartphone then we should take a phone with the os and who is the best of both android or apple ios who is the best and what smartphone we should buy

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Apple ios Vs android ios These are both an operating system used in the smartphone if we have to buy a smartphone what we see. What specifications of the smartphone is the smartphone that is working on android os or smartphone of apple ios? And in the end, Apple and Android compare together and buy phones. So let's see what Android and Apple have better smartphones.

How Android is better than Apple


Customization is a feature which is very important in every smartphone because we customize our phone through this feature. Like in Android phone, the option to change the options icon to change the icon can be used by downloading Launcher from the play store and there is a lot of features which can be customized only in android. Apple can also customize in ios smartphone but it does not customize ios or iPhone more than those limits are limited. Android is at the forefront of Apple ios Vs android than customization.

2. Device option

If you have to buy a smartphone then you will find many options in android which have options starting from 3000 and upwards of more than 6000. android is the best option for a common man who can take a shop or online. But Apple ios is not so cheap. Buying Apple is not the case after a common man. And the price of the Apple ios smartphone is very high. For this, the android phone is the only option which is very cheap. These phones are for cheap because there are many companies making android phones that use os android made by Google and get into android free. This is why android is called a budget phone.

3. File and Data Sharing

If you have an android phone and you use it then you will know about file sharing. Such as share it used to share files, etc. using Bluetooth. All this feature is in apple but can not customize any other than apple. If you want to share your apple os file in Android phone then you may have trouble. Why do not all apps work in Apple's phones, which work in Android? There will be very few software available which can be common in Android and apple os.

4.Multitasking (Split screen)

This is one of the best features of Android. But not all Android phones (cheap) phones are available. This is an Android exclusive feature which is not in Apple. Multitasking (Split screen) With this feature, you can see two or more applications together in one screen and can also be used. Like - listening to music, talking on a call, messaging, accessing and running all of these features together, is the definition of multitasking that only comes in the feature of Android. This can not work in Apple os. Apple ios are ahead in android multitasking in android.

5.Design / Model

If you use the phone then you will have this information and you must have heard it millions of times today and get an android phone or have to take an Android phone tomorrow. Android, let me tell you that there is no model of Android, and many companies sell it in the market by installing android os in their smartphone. There are a number of companies that make up the smartphone that make up the smartphone and sell it in android's os. And Apple does not have anything like this because Apple creates its own os and installs it inside its phone. And Apple's os free is not available. So no company can use Apple's os.

How Apple is better than ios android

1. Hardware and Software

Apple is ahead of Android because it offers its own Hardware and Software itself, as much as Apple's product like iPhone or os (operating system) itself. Whatever hardware is used in the apparatus or any software that Apple uses, it creates itself so that their device works smoothly because whatever software or application it creates, it does only in those devices or smartphones. For whom it is made. Combination of their software hardware is something that the software that is inserted into the software runs smoothly. If the combinations of software and hardware are good, then the battery of the smartphone also goes up too much.

Android is made of Google but it is lagging behind Apple because all the smartphone makers have bought android os and they sell and sell their phone's os. Which has increased the competitiveness of the market

2. Software update

Apple is ahead of the update because Apple has its own smartphone called iPhone, it has a different model and it is not too much that Apple forgets Apple keeps us bringing its own update. And that's all the update of different phones, which is different for iPhone 5 and brings different updates for iPhone 6 and apple brings all of their smartphones together. Android also brings its update if you use a phone like google such as a google pixel, Nexus, you get the update of Android. If we use another company android smartphone, that phone does not get to see the update. So Apple is ahead of Android and Android is backward.

3.Applications (ios)

As all users using android use the play store, all Apple users use the app store. There is no security in Android, such as preventing a bugless application from being downloaded from the play store. There will be millions of such apps in the play store, which still has a bug that can damage our phone. But there is nothing like this in apple. Apple is completely in security. There will be no bugs of any kind in it.

Apple makes its own application, such as music player iTunes, camera and all the apps themselves are available, so Apple is ahead of Android.


Quality does not have any smartphone that leaves behind Apple or it can compete with Apple and all companies using android os use different brands of hardware and software within their phones. But Apple makes all the hardware itself for its smartphone and puts it in its own phone so that Apple's smartphone's value increases. And maybe this is why they are sold inexpensive pricing. And this is the same for Android

5.Camera quality Apple ios Vs android

If you compare Apple's camera with android phone's camera, then we will be ahead of apple android. If you take a smartphone whose camera is 16 MPs and an apple's phone whose camera is 12Mp, Apple will be ahead in both of the camera quality as you make your own camera. That is why Apple can not beat any os or smartphone compared to the quality.


The apple comes in top of it. If you use an android phone, you will know exactly how its service is. It depends on how the phone making company provides service. If there is a problem, the phone is not changed, but if apples have a phone and os or else something goes wrong, the service made the first phone, if it is made, you give it and if it does not make it, then instead Give you a new phone This service is given to Apple by its customer. Apple has never forgotten its customer after selling his phone, so Apple is ahead of Android.

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