Seven Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the Fastest Growing Social Media Network. Now you will say that this is everyone who knows what is new in it. But do you know that you have Seven Ways to Make Money on Instagram

But this is true, you do not agree, people are earning thousands of dollar for working one to two years on Instagram. If you also want to know how to earn money from Instagram, then let's start doing.

Seven Ways to Make Money on Instagram By

Before earning money from Instagram, you must be famous on Instagram. You have to build an audience of yourself. From which you will be able to earn money. You must have heard that famous saying,
It takes a great man to be a good listener

How To Increase Followers On Instagram

Before making money from Instagram, you will need to create Instagram Influencer first. Let's first learn that, after all, who is Instagram Influencer.

In Simple Words, Instagram Influencers are those people who build audiences by creating Content above a Particular Niche.

You also have to create a fresh Instagram account by becoming an influencer, given below, after setting it up according to a special niche, you can do a good account set up by following the steps.

6 Steps How To Increase Followers On Instagram 

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Post Regularly
  3. Take Good Photos
  4. Use Relevant #Hashtags
  5. Engagement Build with your Followers

1. Create a Profile Bio

While setting up the Instagram account, you fill your profile Bio carefully. You fill the correct information only. Never charge in your Bio. You can write down your Instagram Bio, given below.

Cracking Computer is a Blog about #Blogging, #Tips And Tricks, #Technology, #OnlineMoneyMaking.

You must fill the email address and URL of your website in your profile.

Pro Tip: You typed your profile with special words such as Blogger, Manager, Student with # (HashTag).

2. Post Regularly:

What can happen to an Instagram account to grow massively?

Well, Use it Regularity.

You must post photos on your Instagram account above a daily basis. By which you will be able to engage your audience.

I would recommend posting this sequence to you.
  • Daily 2 Images on Instagram
  • Post 3 Stories Daily
  • Post 1 Video Daily
3. Take Good Photos-

Take Good Photos By

You can post high-quality images on Instagram. You click on the best photo. Edit that image well, because editing too plays a big role.

You can use android apps such as SnapSeed, LightRoom, to edit images. You can easily edit the video below to edit the photo.

4. Use Relevant #Hashtags

If talk of Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, then # (Hashtag) is more important to increase your reach.

Use Relevant #Hashtags By

According to Instagram, you can use 30 hashtags in each of your pictures, you have to take full advantage of this opportunity.

You try to use 30 hashtags in every post. But you have to use the relevant HashTag of your niche.

You can use the HashMe application to find popular HashTag applications.

5. Engagement Build with Your Followers

Whether you have millions of followers on your Instagram, but if you do not have engagement with your own followers. So, that account's value is considered zero.

Engagement Build with Your Followers By

So, you must make Instagram followers as well as engagement with Instagram. 
  1. You must do a Photos Session in order to engage with your audience as well as a live session in two-three days.
  2. Try reply to a comment on Instagram
  3. Try putting more stories on Instagram

6. Tagged post with the other Instagram account

You follow the second Instagram account and tell them, I want to make a tagged post with you. You create the tagged post and now both of you, then enter that post on your Instagram account.

This technique is called cross-promotion.

Tagged post with the other Instagram account By

What will happen now, the Instagram audience of you and the other band, will recognize both of you. And there will be growth in both the followers. This is a great situation for both of you.

If you follow all of these tips, then you must be followers of 10k to 30k in 3-4 months. If you already have so many followers, then you're ready to make money from Instagram.

Seven Ways to Make Money on Instagram

1. Promote Other Instagram Account

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram, what you can do. You can make money from them by promoting other Instagram accounts.

Although this is not a recurring Earning model, then you can charge a promotion up to 10 to $ 20.

However, there is also a condition in that, you should have a famous Instagram account.

2. Create Sponsor Post

You can create a Sponsered Post in your Instagram account. In which you will be promoting a brand with your picture.

Create Sponsor Post by

You'll find this brand picture easily from 10 to $ 20.
To find the sponsors of Instagram Influencer, iFluenz is the best platform.
You can connect with the Sponsors by simply creating an account here.

3. Sell your photos

If you upload too many professional photos above Instagram. So, you can earn money by uploading the photo into image stocks.

Basically, I do not think so much right now. However, you can get $ 0.3 to $ 1 per download. This is uploading images above that image stock.

Sell your photos by

I would suggest that you upload your photo above 10 to 12 images stocks. So that you could sell your photos as much as possible. You can sell your Instagram photos, up to 20$.

PRO Tip: You can put some of your images for free downloading. So, your brand is more and more likely to start buying your images later.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing technique, with which the seller sells its product through a third person to the buyer. On selling the product, a third-party company receives some Percent (%) commission from the product price.

Affiliate Marketing by

You have to associate affiliate products with the help of an affiliate link or coupon. For information check outpost below. 

5. Sell Your Products

You must have seen that many brands have created their accounts on Instagram. Which is also becoming popular?

Why do they make an account? Have you ever thought

Simply, Instagram is the most engaging, social media network because they come to Instagram to market their products as much as possible.

Sell Your Products By

They take advantage of this opportunity, scale their brand twice as fast. So, you also have to make this Opportunity Grab. 
Great Quote : God gives the opportunity to everyone, but whoever gets grabbed that opportunity, he becomes successful.

If you have your own product, you should sell it to Instagram. Take your brand to the next level.

Your mind must now have to market your products on Instagram. Of course, now you have given such a big lecture. ? 

Let's now give you a Quick Guide to Marketing on Instagram.

First of all, you have to market your product. For which you can tell the solutions to some of the people's problems. The person who gradually will make you trust in people's mind.

Simple Trick: Grab the Opportunity, and get successful.

6. Sell your Instagram Account

If you want, you can also sell your Instagram account. You get good money from the other social media accounts of the Instagram account. Because there should be more engagement too.

Sell your Instagram Account by

You have to do more and more follow followers and engaging accounts because they are too high in the market

You can sell your Instagram account at

7. Being an Instagram Account Manager

If you have mastered the Instagram account, you can also earn money by managing Instagram accounts of other brands.


Instagram online is a great way to earn money , but many people do not take advantage of this opportunity. Your own

If you have come to know today that Seven Ways to Make Money on Instagram. Then, you must share this article with your friends.
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