How to Earn Money From Youtube - (Full Guide in English)

How to Earn Money From Youtube - (Full Guide in English)

There are countless ways to earn money in today's online world. One of the ways that I'm going to tell you today. Today I will tell you how to earn money from Youtube, and how you can become popular as soon as possible with the help of youtube.

Everybody wants to earn money, but due to rising population and not having accurate information, many people are unemployed despite the fact that they do not study. But you have to know that you can earn money not just in the offline world but also the online world.

You must know that if you have money in today's situation only people know you. Without money you can not fill your stomach and neither can you fulfill any desire.

But there are also different ways to make money, which most people do not even know about. You do not know how much income you earn by making money online in the offline world.

We have already told about it in our article which can be read by visiting online mode.

Today I will tell you how to grow Youtube Channel? Plus I'll share some tips and tricks too. With which you can earn money from youtube

How To Earn Money From YouTube

If you talk about Youtube, this is a video sharing platform. Where you can make money by uploading your videos. YouTube today is such a big start that is earning millions.

If you are a student and are thinking of doing some extra income in part-time then you can open your channel on youtube. Is this 100% free? After Creating the Channel, you will be able to upload videos to YouTube.

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Youtube has many ways to earn money. Today, we are going to tell you some great ways that you can earn good earnings by using it with your youtube channel. In some of these methods, he used to personally use himself.

1. Advertisement

Using Advertising, you can earn money easily every month. For this, you have to open an account in Google Adsense.

Adsense is a Google product that helps publish online advertisements. Ads on Youtube only manage Google Adsense. Google Adsense works above the CPC model.

CPC means: Cost Per Click This means that whenever someone will see your video and the ads coming there, they will click on any of the ads, according to which you will get the money.

CPC is set by the advertiser. Basically, an average CPC rate in Asia ranges from $ 0.01 to $ 0.10, which is much less. But in some countries such as the United States, Dubai, etc, The CPC price of these countries is very high.

If you target a high CPC keyword as video, then only Whose CPC is $ 2-3, this means you get $ 2-3 for a click. Which is more than sufficient.

For good and high CPC keywords, it is important that you come across a Keyword Research. Which is the most important step

How to Do Keyword research for Youtube?

2. Affiliate Marketing:

If you create videos about a product on youtube, then you can also use affiliate marketing there.

Affiliate marketing means that you suggest some product to anyone and if a member purchases that product through you. So you get some percentage commission of it.

For example:

Let's say that your youtube channel is about product review. In this case, any product you are reviewing. Affiliate link of that product can be inserted into your youtube description.

If a person has a desire to see your review and buy a product. So they can buy from your given link. In this case, you can get a commission of 5% to 10% of the price of the product.

It depends on which affiliate program you use.

Today there is a very new company on the market. Which gives you the opportunity to earn money through affiliate. The most popular of which is the Amazon affiliate.

3. Service Advertising:

When your youtube channel starts to grow. Then you have a lot of audiences. In this case, you can take advantage of this and sell some of your services. You can take money from anyone and also promote their services.

When a company is new, in order to reach its service logo, it finds an easy and cheap way. In this case, you can contact them and advertise their services on your Youtube Channel.

Note: You always promote a company that offers good service. If you promote a bad company So this is the result of your own because you will lose the trust of your users.

4. Sponsorship:

This is the easiest way to make money from Youtube. But as easy as it is, the way to reach it is just as difficult. Because you will sponsor someone only when you have a good audience.

In this, some people will sponsor you, through which they will be advertising some of their products.

You may have seen many such videos above Youtube. Which explains that we make videos from this software or tell about a product in the middle of the video. These are the best examples of sponsorship.
The more you have your youtube channel, the more people would like to give you sponsorship.

Famebit is a great company that provides sponsorship to you. And the price of your sponsorship will be as much.

5. By Selling Your Own Product

If you have a product you have. So you can sell it very easily with the help of Youtube. Youtube has no shortage of traffic.

It is very easy to sell the product. You have to sign up and visit the website. Then you have to upload your product and then link it. In the description of each of your videos, you have to put a link. Once in Video, you have to say that if you want some course, you can check the description.

For example:

6. Traffic Conversion:

You can also make good online income by using the traffic of youtube. Like I have already said that when you work on youtube So you have a large amount of audience.

In this way, you can earn money through your second means by correcting this traffic. You can create your related YouTube site related to youtube channel and send it to your audience. You can earn more money by using Adsense, affiliate, and more on those websites.

How to create high-quality videos for YouTube?
When it comes to making money from Youtube So the quality of your videos plays an important role. The better your videos will be, the more people like to watch your videos.

This is the reason why not everyone can become successful youtuber

New youtubers do not know how they can create high-quality videos. So we solved your question too so that you can earn money from youtube by creating high-quality videos.

We have written a few steps below that you have to follow.
1. Voice: Whenever you make videos for youtube, most of your voice is played in it. Your voice should be such that your viewer is impressed with you.

Your voice should not be too much or too little. The tunning of your voice should be such that you are talking to your friends and together you keep your viewer tied to your video.

2. Animation: If you do not want to show your face in videos, then, in this case, you can use the animation. Animation lets you visualize your videos.

But your animation should be related to your videos. Not that your video is of funny category and you are using animation, sad situation?

3. Starting: To create a great video, you have to start the video so that people are forced to watch your entire video.

Whenever a viewer plays your video, the impression that starts in 20 - 30 seconds will depend on whether it will watch your video or leave it in the middle. You can tell at the beginning of the video that the subject of your whole video is based on.

4. Style: If you want to create your own videos So you have to pay attention to the conversation. Your body's movement and style reflect your person's Style.

It's been talking about what you need to do in YouTube videos, but the quality of your videos also depends on the equipment you use. For this, you have to take care of a few things.

To make your video high-quality, you can follow the steps given below.

1. High-Quality Camera: If you can afford, then you can use a DSLR camera or you can also use the camera as a beginner smartphone. If your videos are above computer tutorial, you need to use a good Screen Recorder. It would be better to shoot video in HD.

2. Video Editing Software: You will need good software and application to edit your videos. You can use PowerDirector in Kinemaster in android. In PC, you can use software like FinalCutPro, Filmora.

Related FAQs from Youtube

How to Earn Money From Youtube - (Full Guide in English)

1. Should you choose Youtube as a carrier?

If talking about full-time-carrier, I would suggest that you find a job first. Because when you start working on Youtube, you have to invest some money. Such as a camera, and some kind of equipment.

And if you have a doubt that there will be some profit after investing, then you can use your smartphone.

Today, there is such a big YouTuber in all over the world which is doing good earnings from making videos from your smartphone.

If the income of your youtube is more than your job then you can take the Youtube as a career. Does it make sense to start with full time in the beginning?

2. What do I Choose from YouTube and Blogging?

Blogging Online is a great option for earning money. If you do not know how to make a very passive income with blogging, you can read by visiting blogging methods.
If you have confusion in mind, who should choose between Youtube and Blogging? So today I answer this question in the same way.

I had made a channel on Youtube almost two years ago. The videos of WhatsApp status at that time were quite trending. In this way, my videos became viral and already earning $ 20 to 50 $ from month Youtube.

It's easy to get views on Youtube, as well as if any of your videos are viral on youtube. So you can earn well along with fame.

As a student, It was a great experience.

At the same time, I created a website, but due to lack of information about blogging, nothing was done.

And the biggest challenge in blogging is to bring visitors to your site. You have to give about 6 months of time to rank your site. In it, you have to do SEO on your website which is quite wast-Topic.

On Youtube, we do not have to be so difficult to rank videos as the website is ranked. Also, in Blogging, you are required to invest in some things such as Domain Name, Web hosting, etc. There is no such investment in Youtube.

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My suggestion is that if you are new to the online earning field then you first pay attention to Youtube.

3. What kinds of videos are the highest earnings on YouTube?

This is a common question that every Youtuber asks us to choose which kind of topic we can earn so that we can earn maximum money from youtube.

So my personal suggestion is that if you are related to your hobby if you open the channel on youtube then you can get quick success.

And in other categories, you can choose any of Tech, Health, and Product Reviews.
Today's article was the same, today we talked about how you can earn money from Youtube, how to create High-Quality videos on Youtube
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