Do you make more money on YouTube or Instagram?

Earning Thousands Of Dollars a Month By Posting YouTube Videos Or Photos On Instagram

YouTubers and Instagrammers are not a new thing. However, for many of us, it is a world that we know but in which we are not submerged and of which we do not understand its magnitude. Of which we do not understand maybe nothing.

Do you make more money on YouTube or Instagram?

For Generation Z - those who were born between the mid-90s and the mid-2000s - and even for the generation after them, YouTubers and Instagrammers are a daily favorite product. To the point that being a YouTuber, for example, is already a profession that many children aspire to. According to Bloomberg, one in three children in the United Kingdom between the ages of 6 and 17 want to be full-time YouTubers.


These figures vary, as there are other less alarming studies, but it is true that more and more children and teenagers dream of being celebrities of the Internet. But achieving it, in reality, is not easy: according to a study by the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany, only 3 percent of people trying to be YouTubers earn more than, approximately, $ 1,000 a month.

Even so, thousands of people are searching and trying to monetize their publications on all social networks. In the case of Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook, making money is more literal and direct: you have to be famous or recognized for a brand to decide to pay to appear in the photo, video or tweet of a specific account. Or if not, the other way is to directly sell a product or service through these social networks.

It is half impossible, it is strange, it is new and misunderstood, but if your dream is to be a YouTuber or an Instagrammer here we explain what is the way to follow. Or simply read and realize what it is that people do to earn thousands of dollars for a photo.

Warning before we start: of course, as in everything, these steps are those that are documented, they are mere instructions. To be a YouTuber, like Germán Garmendia, you have to have something, I do not know what, a small differential talent that maybe he himself can not account for.

That being the case, let's start.


Making money on YouTube is such a popular desire that there are even videos on YouTube made by YouTube explaining how to make money on YouTube.

In summary it works like this: first, you have to have an active audience, that is, a significant number of users who follow the videos frequently. Then you have to apply to the YouTube Partner Program (YTT), the group to which the users who make money belong. To be accepted, you must meet three requirements: that the channel has at least 1,000 subscribers, that the total sum of hours viewed by other users is at least 4,000 and that the content of the videos conforms to YouTube's policies.

Once accepted in the YTT, the option of leaving ads and commercials in the videos is enabled and that way you start making money. But it is not easy. YouTube pays for clicks and "impressions" of commercials and notices, but the silver really begins to increase after the 1,000 views of a notice. The calculation is roughly one dollar for every 1,000 views. But that can vary greatly and ultimately depends on the discretion of YouTube, which when paying takes into account things like the country where the videos are viewed, the public that sees them, whether the ads are complete or not, how much money paid advertisers, anyway. So the calculation of 1 dollar per 1,000 views is not a rule. In any case, YouTube begins to disburse money after they exceed 100 dollars accumulated.

Some tips to achieve it faster: to target a defined audience, to a niche, that makes the channel interesting for specific sponsors; and achieve frequent content that is really attractive to the audience. From then on, it only remains to start being famous so that there are sponsors that make direct contact so that your product or brand is the protagonist of a video. That way, if a YouTuber estimates that one of your videos will have 10 million views, you can start charging the sponsored video for more than $ 10,000, depending on your audience.

Currently, some of the YouTubers that make more money making videos are, for example,


T-Series is India's largest Music Label & Movie Studio, believes in bringing the world close together through its music. the account that to date has the highest number of subscribers 103 million and T-Series earning report according to Social Blade is $731.4K - $11.7M in 2019.


PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber, actor, comedian, and gamer–commentator, best known for his YouTube video content, which mainly consists of comedic formatted shows. the account that to date has the second highest number of subscribers 96 million-and whose network of videos made $906K - $14.5M in 2019.


However, it is not the YouTube account that makes the most profits despite being the one with the most subscribers. That position is taken by a seven-year-old boy, Ryan, who with his parents' help makes videos in which he plays with toys and reviews those toys. In 2019 the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview made $ 22 million

Latinos, HolaSoyGerman
In the case of Latinos, HolaSoyGerman is the one who makes the most money on YouTube, earns about $ 43,000 a month with his videos. And Yuya, perhaps the most famous Mexican YouTuber, earns about $ 18,000 a month


In Instagram, it gets a bit more complicated. Unlike YouTube, Instagram does not have a direct advertising system that allows you to make money only by allowing commercials to appear. In Instagram, the companies pay directly to the accounts they choose to publish their products.

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Therefore, the first thing to do on Instagram is to become relevant, "famous", an "influencer". For that it is not necessary to have millions of followers, according to the dozens of pages that advise how to be influencer, what you have to have are real followers -not false accounts- that belong to a niche-people who consume beauty products or whose interests are travel or sports, for example - and actively participate in publications. Only those types of accounts are those that interest the ones who put the money.

The moment an account becomes important within a niche, the sponsors arrive without having to call them. However, there are also ways to look for sponsors. The first option is to directly contact companies and offer yourself as an "influencer". The second option is to resort to the "markets" of influencers. Heartbeat, Tribe Group, Grapevine, Shoutcart, iFluenzare some of the pages that allow you to post the Instagram profile within a database so that other companies can find it. Each page manages a different system: some ask for a minimum number of followers, others do not, but the ideal result is always the same: to be contacted by a brand to offer a product in an Instagram publication in exchange for money.

There is a third way, but it is perhaps the most complicated, and it is to be an "affiliate" instead of an "influencer", that means offering a product through a link - which is already complicated in Instagram - and winning a commission according to the number of people who buy that product through that link. The last option and the most obvious one is to sell your own things: sell photos published on Instagram or sell your own products.

The people who make the most money on Instagram are people who are already celebrities. Kylie Jenner, for example, is perhaps the one who receives the most money per sponsored publication - around a Million Dollars -, in the list are also Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, and Messi. None earn less than $ 500,000 per publication.

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But there are also people who have become Instagram celebrities and make money with their publications. Three of the instagrammers who earn the most money are Danielle Bernstein, with her We Wore What account that charges between 8,000 and 20,000 dollars per publication; Zoe Sugg who charges about $ 16,000 per publication; and Huda Katta, who in her Hudabeauty account charges $ 33,000 per publication.

Of course, as in everything, these steps are the ones documented. To be a YouTuber, like Germán Garmendia, you have to have something, I do not know what, a small differential talent.
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