Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

“Want to maximize ranking on google of the new website and Blog? Here are the Top 10 Seo tips that are sure to help.

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

After knowing The top 10 tips on how to rank a new blog \ website. Your website will come to Google's first page

How to do SEO, if you are a Newbie Blogger, have started your blog now, then need Blogging Guidelines, website Google Ranking Improve, How to rank Blog post.

Mistakes Of New Blogger

The new blogger makes the Biggest Blogging Mistake, like:-
  1. Add Template / Themes to the website
  2. How to write the Blog Post
  3. What is the Important plugin
  4. How the Seo is done on the website
If you have just created a Newbie Blogger and have just created your own blog then this post is for you. Top 10 SEO Tips To Rank New Website \ Blog on Google
Follow These 10 Seo Tips Google will rank your website to first page

 10 Seo Tips to Rank New Blog \ Website in Google

Want to earn money by building a website but your website is not coming to Google search. Then I'm going to tell your 10 tips from which you can bring your website to Google's first page in a day. What to do after creating a new website. More than that, traffic came from Google on our website

1. Chose Top-Level Domain

The user makes a huge mistake when creating a website, creating a site on the subdomain, in the case you should select Chose Top-Level Domain Like
  • .Com
  • .org
  • .net
If we do not spend money so that we create a website on a subdomain. Some famous website that subdomain with the free website

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

But my advice did not use a free subdomain. That will not increase your website ranking.

You will find top-level domains. you have to select and buy a custom domain in only 1$ like

2. Chose a Micro Niche Topic

First, you buy a domain and also a web hosting, First, we have made an importing thing make website design.

Blog Post Ideas|| Where you take a blog post on which topic is searched on google. You can also use Google Trends. If your Website is a niched base so it is easy to make more traffic coming to your website

If you are writing related posts from any category on your website. Then you should do Trending Topic Search. If you write a post on a trending topic. It is much more Chance will be available to visit your website from Google.

You can know the trending topic related to the category according to your website niche

3. Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Submit a blog into google webmaster tools is important for ranking. Submitting the Sitemap into Google webmaster tools is very important after submitting Ownership Verification. The ranking of your website is not increased. If you do not submit your website into webmaster tools

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

You must write almost ten posts before submitting your site into google webmaster tools

4. Add Google Analytics Tracking Code

To help in increasing the traffic on your website. You can get help from Google Analytics. Create New Blog, start writing a post on your website, after publishing 25 to 30 articles on your website. Traffic is not coming, then linking your website to Google Analytics.

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

You have seen all the data from the user, how many User Organic has arrived on the website and which keyword is trending on your website.

So Google Analytics is a good Tool to analyze your website traffic. You can get a lot of information about your website traffic from Google Analytics

5. Share Blog-Post To Social Media

To make Traffic Increase of the website, it is important to share Blog Post with Social Media on SEO. First, create social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

Sharing a blog post link on Social Media. it will give a do-follow backlink. you can rank easily by creating backlinks of your website with this method 

6. Make A Website Mobile Friendly

People who are new bloggers, download any themes from the Internet and install them into your website, which takes a lot of time time to open the website.

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

Use must use fast loading website themes Because of most of the user's visit website from mobile. Therefore we need to design our website to mobile-friendly website design.
If your site on Wordpress then install the AMP. it will increase your website theme

7. Image Optimization for SEO

Most of the new bloggers use free images from Google or add copyright free images to the blog post. So there are problems in the website ranking. Search Engine Crawlers "IMG_19216811" does not understand the names

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

That's why it is very important to do SEO Friendly Image optimization. When you are adding photos at the time of blog post, also adding photo ALT text to the photos.

The caption is also important to increase the rank of the photo in Google search. If  the user searches the image by Google search image, then our website will also appear and our uploaded photo will also appear

8. Write SEO Friendly Meta Description

After writing a post on the website. Most of the user does not write the Meta description or paste some part of the post that is written in the blog post

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

Some user did not know What is the length of the SEO Friendly Meta Description or how many words should be

The meta description can be any length, but Google generally truncates snippets to ~155–160 characters also include good keywords, which is related to the written post

9. Create Unique and Orignal Blog Content

The biggest mistake new bloggers copy the content from different blogs and publish it on his website. Write genuine content. Write valuable articles while writing blog articles. Do proper keyword researching. If the content of your website genuine the ranking of your site is increasing day by day

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website

For keyword researching, you can use the Google keyword research tool. You can write an article on this topic such as

  • Top 10 bloggers of the world
  • Top 5 tools for blogging
  • top 10 tips and tricks

10. Write Guest Post on Other Website

The best way to bring traffic to your website is by visiting any other website and posting the guest post. You will get the ultimate traffic.

Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website
Source Quora

  1. First, go to another website related to your blog
  2. Write Guest Post
  3. You will get a backlink
  4. Your website will rank quickly in Google ranking
  5. The Domain Authority and Page Authority also increase
Due to the guest post, there is a chance that your website is ranked on the first page on google


In this post Top 10 SEO Tips – How To Rank New Blog \ Website that to maximize ranking on google of the new website and Blog. Okay friends, here If any doubts, do ask me in the comments. Like and share with your blogging circle.
Good Bye
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